Creative Work

A selection of my creative work from poetry, to short stories, to scripts. 

May 21-Day Challenge - 5 Selected Works

Fictional regency world.

A solo woman traveler’s day on the road.

Apocalyptic world where the internet shuts down and everyone has to find other ways to communicate.

An inter-galactic meeting place/mall/restaurant
where species of several planets meet.

A celebrity having a breakdown after performing in a concert.

Hope, like a window, is a frame holding up a new world... 


There is wonder looking up, peering through leaves high above... 

I could tell Mama was nervous as we waited among the other Army families at the airport terminal. Peter was coming home...

I've grown so much

built up my walls...

Script excerpt:

Talia‌ ‌is‌ ‌an‌ advanced human-like ‌A.I. ‌therapist under a technology ruled world order. A ‌troubled‌ ‌teen is sentenced to be one of her patients.‌

A poem on light and leaves. 

A song of life, a song of prose, a spoken word poem on music.

Short Story:
Dance at The Park

Story based on the prompt:

A professional dancer sees a blind person dancing to some music.

Pen to paper…

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