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Image by Simon Berger


A poem on the wonder of life

There is wonder in looking up, peering through leaves high above.

There is hope in each cloud that wraps itself around light, reflecting fluffy white for our eyes.

Dancing in the wind, swirling in and out, gliding up and down, cooling us and leaving an imprint of the profound something we don't see - we experience.

There is color in the air, whether crisp or light, hot or cold, rainy or sun-filled. Color that draws all the way from the top of our heads down to our soles (and souls), filling us with excitement. Reminding us that tomorrow might be another beautiful sight to behold.

There is so much to see if we keep our eyes open. With our heads held high, looking up - we'll often find, life is golden, and it's worth being fully alive.

Lois Orekoya

Listen to the poem:
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