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Write with others, it's better!

Writing nowadays has often become a means to an end.

Write to market.

Write to gain viewers.

Write for this, write for that.

Writing to just write, or creating to just create, is becoming scarce at times — especially now that monetization is a thing. And there’s technically nothing wrong with that either, it’s good that you can get paid to do what you love and add something of yourself to the world (That’s my goal too).

The issue is at times that we lose the fun and excitement of creating something new and writing something for the fun of it. That’s why one of the major parts of the “A Story We Tell” mission is to create workshops and communities to allow for space where writers can write.

But together! And with fun prompts that awaken new ideas.

For sure, there are already such spaces, but there can always be more. Especially, more curated spaces that connect to certain aspects of our humanity and help to bridge gaps between us.

I’ve done workshops before and fell in love with the idea of conducting workshops of all kinds with varying topics that drive home writing pieces of purpose and meaning.

Something that we can choose to hold dear to ourselves and share the feelings of what we wrote to others.

In order to do anything, we need a sense of community as well. That’s where A Story We Tell comes in to a degree. Mainly in the form of workshops.

The concept is simple — a theme or topic will be given, certain setting options and keywords will be thrown in the mix to make the overall prompt more interesting, and then people will write for an allotted period of time. Usually about 50 mins or so and then there’s a sharing session towards the end.

If this sounds interesting to you and if you’ve been thinking about joining something like this - completely free and supporting a grassroots project and website — then I’ve got good news!

A Story We Tell is hosting our first public workshop through Eventbrite on Dec 23rd, join a group of writers to create something new. Find out more here and join us!

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