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5 'Senpai' Scriptwriters offering free support

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

The world of screenwriting to a beginner, can feel daunting. There is a lot to learn. In order to screen write and do it well, you need to understand the world of film, TV - the language of a script and what producers and industry experts are looking for.

Screenwriting is also a craft. Like any craft, it’s incredibly helpful to have people we can look up to and resources we can hold onto for dear life.

In this article I want to highlight 5 people advanced and/or experienced in this craft that are offering some form of incredibly helpful free content, advice and support to those of us journeying along the way.

In no particular order:

Scott Myers

Scott Myers excellently offers tips, advice, series, everything you need to stay motivated and believe that you can actually make it as a screenwriter. A thorough teacher might I add!

He gives out great advice mostly on Twitter: @GoIntoTheStory

He also has a platform: Go Into The Story which is a fantastic wonderland of study for screenwriters.

Find him featured on FilmCourage’s YouTube:


"More than EVER, we need good storytellers. Put a human face on The Other. Shed light on a Deeper Truth. Engender Empathy. Fan the flames of Hope. Motivate people to Act. Make us Laugh. Make us Cry. Make us Thrilled. Make us Think. But mostly, make us feel our Shared Humanity."

"How to Write a Logline: "It’s a logline, not a longline. Its job is to sell the story, not tell the story."


Tyler Mowery

You know when you need to hear some sound advice from someone who has been there done that? Tyler is your guy. He’s immersed himself into the art of practical screenwriting, and has great lessons for all of us.

He gives out great advice mostly on his YouTube. He’s also stared a podcast.

His website where you can join his course.

Twitter: @JTylerMowery

Quotes: ”I went from no idea to a full first draft in 48 hours.”

“1- Character 2- has a want (and belief) 3- enters unfamiliar situation (belief challenged, presented with choice) 4- makes choice 5- gets want 6- pay (massive problem, belief challenged, presented with the PIVOTAL choice) 7 - return - makes choice to change belief or not 8-change”


Brooks Elms

Need someone expertly experienced to give you wise advice? In a calm candid and direct manner? Check out Brook Elms, a reassuring soul in the world of writing.

He is featured on FilmCourage’s YouTube.

He recently had a video with Tyler actually on The Writers Mind by Tyler Mowery.


He gives out great advice mostly on Twitter: @𝙱𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚜 𝙴𝚕𝚖𝚜

“hey screenwriter best 3 qualities of a successful writer

conviction to write high-level empathy & curiosity mindset built for flow & endurance anything I'm missing?”

“A pro writer known for writing broad material, confessed that he wants to write a personal screenplay, but he feels like that would be exposing his insides. I assured him that's exactly what he'll be doing.

And his audience will love him for it.”


Danielle Nicki

It’s always good to have a fun friend that’s super determined to reach their goals. They inspire you to aim for yours too - Danielle is that friend! She shares much needed thoughts, sage advice and great questions that get writers talking and active.

Twitter: @DanielleNicki where she engages and interacts mostly on.

To find out more about her work and get inspired:


“Someone once accused me of wanting to be a screenwriter so I could be…Wait for it… FAMOUS!! 🤣😭”

“Rest and recovery is just as important as productivity”


Jeanne Veillette Bowerman

A community of writers getting to chat and find out more about scriptwriting and what it all means? Sounds like a great idea! On most Sundays Jeanne is hosting a #ScriptChat for writers to gather and learn from one another. By doing so, she’s an incredibly experienced screenwriter paying it forward in equipping and encouraging all.

Twitter: @jeannevb | @#scriptchat | @WritersStrong


“So, what's the first thing you do after finishing Draft 1? I put it aside for at least a week (preferably two) before picking it up again. I need a little distance. #Scriptchat

“Who has app suggestions that help you get your ideas down? I love the Focus Keeper app for #writingsprints . #scriptchat

She also has another initiative called @WritersStrong which encourages both aspiring screenwriters and novelists alike!

There are so many more, but these are a few worth checking out if you are relatively new to the world of screenwriting and would like some support!

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