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Japanese Garden

Hope Like A Window

Having Hope. 

Hope, like a window, is a frame holding up a new world. It gives us a glimpse of the atmosphere we haven't been living in day and night. It shows up when light pours through and dances on our mundane, on our usual, on our insides.

Hope, like a window, challenges us - challenges us to think of the other side, other options, other experiences. Even when we are comfortable where we are. Hope like a window, is honest and raw but always inviting.

Hope sings a new song of a sunrise and thunders the roar of justice. Hope protects us for what we aren't ready for but reveals to us what we are to expect. Hope draws us in whether we're in the break of dawn, middle of day or about to lay our head to rest.

Hope is always what we allow. When the day gets heavy or we want to hide, curtains are there for us to block it. Hope, like a window, is not always on display. But when it is we get to experience the incredible sights of a beautiful new day. Hope, like a window allows us to see what we wouldn't have otherwise. It takes us seeing things with inner eyes. Hope, like a window and see.

Listen to the poem:

Lois Orekoya 

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