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Life is a story...

Life is a story we tell to ourselves, generations to come and to the world. We tell stories through education, entertainment, articles, through fact and fiction, true stories and imagined ones. The beauty is that we can record moments, experiences, whole lives with words that we created to communicate. It's important to create. Powerful to express. It is invaluable to be heard, seen and understood. Writing helps us to express ourselves, to put our true selves out there, to share with the world something of our world. I want to make it easier for you to do this, to share your story with us all.


I offer my support to facilitate the creation of creative writing works that add to society. If you have this passion inside of you to tell a story or share something creative with the world, contact me! Currently, there are various creative writing events on Eventbrite, please contact me for personalized workshops based on your needs. 

I would love to share ideas and work together on something unique, something that says ‘you’. Whether you’ve never written anything creative in your life, or you’re an expert writer, we can work together. We can share perspectives, ask questions, spark new ideas and make sure original ideas that benefit the world, gets out there. That’s why this exists, I believe we all have the potential to create something beautiful that inspires and uplifts, and I'd like to be a part of that.



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