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Hey there!



here are some fast facts 

  • Been writing creatively for 15+ years

  • Bachelor’s in Applied Social Science

  • Masters in Writing for Script and Screen with a merit


influences and passions
I grew up in Singapore, Chengdu, Suriname and Hong Kong - in that order after my family moved from Nigeria when I was just one year old. I am a believer of Jesus Christ and the beauty and wonders of His love. I believe that all of us human beings whatever it is we believe or how we identify or express ourselves, whatever we do with our lives, we all should be treated with dignity and respect. I have a passion for social justice and to see people experience love and be their true selves. I want to bring light to the world through my writing and I hope to bring light to your world too if we are to work together.

experience with creative writing 
I’ve been writing in my mind before I wrote on any page since I can remember. I am a thinker, an analyzer, I put things together. As a creative person who loves to learn new things, I'm great at supporting other people's goals through encouragement, workshops and writing. I ponder how we work as a society, especially because having grown up in such a unique context, I have a mixture of views on life.

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Get in Touch

Excited to hear from you! Feel free to say hi or ask me questions on what all this means to me.

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