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Creative Writing Support 

Three options. It's your choice, depending on your availability and dedication. 

Join free live writing sessions on discord!

Join free live writing sessions and all discord writing channels to keep accountable on your latest projects!

Join free live writing sessions, all the discord channels and idea-exchange/collaborate on new creative work together! 

Three tiers, all free. 


live writing sessions

Who is Trek for? 
Someone who wants to get a project done. You've been sitting on it for a while, or it's a fresh idea, but it's something you need to get out of you as soon as possible. You want some accountability to ensure you write it. 
Live writing sessions will be themed/challenge based, but bring work with you that you've been meaning to work on, and then write along with fellow writers.  


Group access:​​

  • Once a month event notification 

Please fill out the form for safety reasons, thank you. 


live sessions & writing goals

Who is Hike for? 
You want to take your time or you have multiple things on your plate but you need to be held accountable for the projects you want to finish. Walk alongside your fellow writers, as we all figure out what we want to create and how to create it. You still get to hop on live sessions every time they are on. 

Discord access:

  • All Trek Access

  • Live writing sessions - based on certain themes and events through the 'Writing jam' voice channel

  • Goal setting channel - We can set goals together and keep track if we have accomplished them 

Please fill out the form for safety reasons, thank you. 


live sessions, writing goals & collaboration

Who is Adventure for? 
You're working on a script, a book or new creative writing projects and need dedicated support in your journey. Maybe you have even taken some courses, but you need active idea generation with people who understand the writing process. This is more for those who want to commit to a writing community where we can encourage, equip and walk with one another to accomplish goals. The cool thing is we can give each other tips to strengthen one another. Join and increase writing motivation and capacity! 

Discord access:

  • All Trek and Hike Access

  • Ideas and Feedback channel 

    • Feedback on your progress based on goals we set 
    • Various tools that are helpful in writing and how to use them for your goals

    • Advice on wording, rhythm and purpose 

    • Some proofreading and editing support 


Please fill out the form for safety reasons, thank you. 

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

- Maya Angelou 

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